Wednesday, January 3, 2007

It's a start

Graduating into the adult world is a goal for 2007. What does 34 look like, or rather what do I want it to look like for me? Fashionable, popular and well-monied? Smart, savvy and confident? All of the above? Yep. See, confused, reckless and slightly tragic I have done to death...we are SO over that.

This should be a profound journey into the inner workings of my personal development and emotional growth (in not as much of a new-agey bullshit way as that sounds at the moment. even to me).

Single mother with nightmarishly redneck former in-laws lacks the motivation to clean the fridge but desperately needs to blog in a quiet moment. Yeah...this will be hilarious. Funny thing: I sell timeshare. Much like the hooker with the heart of gold, it's not all about the sale, for me it's about what YOU are giving back to yourself. That so often "un-gettable get", the quality time, the real living of our lives we all put on the back burner with such fierce determination. Really we should be giving to ourselves so we can give that much more to the world. I sell you your true self. And I'm trying to buy the same thing for me now.

So far this is what I know: I crave the spotlight; if I can do it while helping others, so much the better; I'm smarter than I think I am (and sometimes not as smart as I know I am); and I've reached a place in the world where I need a new map (I know I don't want to be where I was, but I don't yet know how to navigate where I am to get to where I want to be...if that makes any sense at all); I do know that even lost in the right moment is better than being found in the wrong that's a good thing.

Yay new year, yay progress, yay self-discovery. Let's see where this road goes and learn from there, shall we? Oh yeah, and laugh along the way...that's huge.

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