Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer and Change

I swear these blogs are inspirational. I haven't written stuff down in a while and doing so lately accidentally brought some stuff up. The whole "Everything/Anything" and "Free Will" conversations I had with myself ultimately made me rip the floor up in my bathroom. Literally. I started with the living room yesterday, just harmlessly de-cluttering and rearranging and stuff and ended with a blank slab on the bathroom floor. But honestly, it needed it. It was totally yuck.

Also, I love demolition.

I'm starting on the kitchen next. I wonder what on earth will come up after that. There are some trees in the backyard that need to be taken care of...

Change abounds as the process continues, as does feng shui. I know feng shui is a kinda out-there thing, but it's my four-leaf clover right now. That's all religion is in the end, a survival mechanism. It's what you passionately believe to be true, for a necessary time, which will get you through to the next level. If I passionately believe at the moment that family pictures hung on a particular wall will get my sisters to stop killing each other, so be it. If I hang a certain mirror outside the door to keep evil away and suddenly my X up and moves to another state (which actually happened by the way)...hmmm...there may be some credence to this.

For now, I will continue to make changes. I will declutter and rearrange and re-energize and hope that positive things will ensue. It's summer. I love summer. All good things.

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