Monday, July 7, 2008

Why on god's green planet do I watch reality TV?

I swear to god, between the stupid asallgetout Bachelorette and Legally Blonde, I have officially turned into an idiot. To my indistinct credit, I only watch these shows randomly when there's abso-godbless-lutely nothing else on TV…but to my ultimate demise…I watch them anyway. Grrr to me for that. Just waiting for Psych and Heroes to take away the sting.

Am I a sucker for pop culture or what?

This how much of a loser I am: I knew she would pick Jesse, but the fact that Rhiannon didn't go home was a total shocker, I may have accidentally gotten chills. So much for higher thinking. I advise you to take all this Perception/Reality and whatever else I philosophically blog about with a big fat grain of salt because clearly I am unhinged.

In real-people news: I went out riding bikes on the boardwalk with my sister yesterday which was so much fun and I felt at least 10 years younger than I am (being with her almost always makes me feel that way)…but in order to do that, I blew off another sister and am reaping those repercussions. Choices.

My friend Dana Monday-morning-quarterbacked in favor of the bikes. Whew. And I hope my hopefully future brother-in-law knows that I still love him even though he hit his ten o'clock temper tantrum a couple hours early.

So, other than tomorrow being "trash and recycling day," I don't know what's coming next. Suffice it to say, whatever comes, I will endure it with both steely reserve and a bright-white smile that rivals the Great Wall of China or the Luxor spotlight in the category of "things on Earth you can see from Space."

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