Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Enough with that...there's Reality to watch!

First of all: "It could be too late for the Polar Bear." Are you fucking kidding me right now?! That commercial is so weird. Yeah, Global Warming, I get it…but seriously…evolution anyone? Apparently the Polar Bear is the new Starving Child. "For just the cost of a cup of coffee…" *click*

Shame on me. I'm such a cynical Democrat.

So I've been all philosophyzy lately. It's just been on my mind. Whatever. Big Brother and From G's to Gents were on tonight and I'm thinking of something else at the moment.

Did anyone else but me ever watch America's Most Smartest Model on Vh-1? I loved that show. My newest guilty pleasure is From G's to Gents on MTV. I don't remember how I landed on this show, but it is…it's like anthropological TV for me. It may as well be on the Discovery Channel.

Fonzworth Bentley…I am so entertained.

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