Thursday, September 4, 2008


In the last couple of weeks, I have gotten seriously carded…in the grocery store of all places. This is not the result of some cheeky little cashier boy making a lame attempt to flirt. This has been by female cashiers who I would probably card if I still tended bar. They haven't been apologetic about it at all; in fact, they have been slightly stern with me.

They have taken the whole, "I need to see your ID," authoritative stance (including look and tone of voice)! I mean, I'm flattered and all, and of course I have my ID on me so it's no big deal, but if you're trying to tell me I look under 21…you clearly need a lunch break.

I'm kinda used to it though. Most people guess me younger. That's cool. I like that…they usually only go about 8 or 9 younger, but not 16 years. Part of me wants to be flattered and another part worries that I'm falling into the slut-acular trap that befalls so many single moms. Sure, I wear short skirts, but they're not made of Pleather for cryin' out loud. I really am not that girl. Wait…Woman? I don't know. It's a weird place to be.

On a different note:

Speaking of womanliness, I watched Sarah Palin's speech tonight. She is one hell of a charmer. Pit Bull with lipstick…I totally get that. Despite that, I'm still voting Democrat. She had a couple of yada yada moments in key places during the speech that appealed to plenty of other people but me. She has a few other things swimming around in her ideology that I don't click with enough to sway the vote either.

I do like the idea of a woman in charge eventually though. I just don't want her to be "a heartbeat away" especially with a septuagenarian candidate.

Also, I was turned off by the Republicans piggy-backing on the Change thing. What I heard was, "you want Change, we'll give you Change too!" Huh? That doesn't make the same sense it did to me when I voted for McCain in the VA Primary eight years ago. Not after the war.

What they didn't say out loud was that part of their change involves repealing Roe v. Wade. Sorry folks, even though I don't plan on any unwanted pregnancies anytime soon…neither does anybody else. I am glad I haven't been in a situation where I needed to make that particular choice. And god bless American democracy, I am glad I live in a place where I have that choice to make.

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