Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank you for today

Can it happen like that? I mean, you just say, "I decide to be happy" and all of a sudden the lady who's crazy doesn't come into the office, but the one you really like and haven't seen in a long time does instead?

The X calls out of the blue to say, "I just put that check in the mail?" The DAV actually shows up to pick up your clutter...and takes ALL of it? Your Dad comes over for a while? Your potentially awkward T-DAY looks like it might be slightly less awkward? Kids in the neighborhood cooperate with your negotiation strategy? Both friends you love and talk to all day long sometimes call YOU instead of you calling THEM? And one of them comes over for dinner? AND (and this is fun) your wicked secret celebrity crush decides to follow you on Twitter? And other good news as well?!

Thank you today. I missed you.

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