Friday, March 5, 2010

Feel it. Learn from it. Move on.

"It's not brave if you're not scared."  Thank you Bounce for the movieline that appears in my head in times of need.

So yeah, I'm scared about what's next but everybody I know is scared about their own what's next.  Who is going to step up and say things like:
"People only have as much power over you as you give them"
"This time next month it will all be different" and
"Splash your face with cold water or you'll be puffy in the morning

You? about you?  No?

[sigh]  Okay then, it's gonna have to be me.

Hey, you (me), sometimes things just suck out loud.  That's life.  Here's what you do with that: Feel it.  Learn from it.  Move on.

I'll cross-stitch it on a sofa pillow if you need me to. 

So yesterday the last block in my leaning tower of Jenga got pulled and I officially collapsed for the week.  Guess what is so much fun about that game?  You don't lose any blocks at the end.  All the pieces of the tower are still... still there.  You get to gather 'em up, put 'em back together and stack them up for the next game. And it's a brand new chance all over again!  Fun!  But no really, Jenga is pretty fun...don't you think?  Come on, who doesn't love Jenga?!

Example:  X had his multiple root canals earlier in the week.  Was laid out in pain for days after.  Guess what!  MORE dental work today! (and he's not even close to done yet)  Soooo....what is the natural progression after you and your cirrhotic liver have experienced a week of pain and other horrors in the dental world?  What does one do immediately after they hop out of the chair?  You're totally going to guess this.

Weekend road trip to Atlantic City! 

I mean, DUH! and a half.  Believe me, you and I both wish I was kidding here.  I predict another hospital stay before next weekend.

In other news, Sean Penn on Bill Maher tonight reminded me of Fred Armisen on SNL as Nicholas Fehn.  I'm sure it made sense in his head but I was just...what the...?  Here's an example of Nicholas Fehn.  I will edit this and link Sean Penn's interview to compare when it comes up on hulu.  If you didn't see it, you'll see.

Oh, and What Not to Wear tonight?  Lesbian Biker Chick Annie?  Loved it.


diane said...

I saw the episode with biker chick Annie. It always amazes me what a good haircut and some make-up will do for a person's looks. And personally, I always feel better (at least for a day) after I've had a haircut. Maybe that's shallow, but whatever works.

Silver said...

Agreed Diane, good hair days are cause for reverly. Annie's hair and make up...yowza! I liked the confidence transformation too, those are fun.