Saturday, March 27, 2010


So, the junior high reunion was tonight and it was so much fun seeing people.  I am kind of in blissed-out-reunion-mode right now.  More people should have been in on it though.  I feel almost selfish having that much fun with such a relatively small group of friends. 

We were cracking up because Paul's mom was flipping us off as the picture was being taken.  She had to hand the camera off to her granddaughter because she cut off our heads the first time. She was clearly not pleased about this at all but her Chardonnay to Blood ratio made her hilarious in her objection.  I got to spend time outside with her smoking.  She was a trip and a half. 

The whole reunion deal was not exactly the party I expected.  I thought the closing down of a school building that has SO much history in this fairly new old town would have brought more of "everybody who is anybody" out in full force.  More of a formal, gala-ish, Grand Closing Event?  Notsomuch.  It was casual and easy and t-shirts were sold.  But that's okay, because it brought US out.  And I'm not all about the formal, you know that. 

Anyway, those of us in that picture have known each other since forever.  We remember sleepovers, bike riding, skateboarding, cotillions, what you used to want to be when you grew up.  We know all of it.  And we're all so different now still the same.  Except one girl. 

One girl was the opposite side of the planet from me growing up.  She was popular with a capital P.  I was friends with tons of people but never Popular like that.  She was Cheerleader, Honor Society, dating football players Popular.  I was just everyday-friends-with-people.  We had a rivalry since 3rd grade.  But I saw her today.  And I talked with her.  And she was pleasant!  And I was shocked.  Pleasantly so, but shocked nonetheless.  I always knew I could be friends with that girl.  Know what mellowed her out?  Childbirth.  Hell fucking yes. 

That one interaction, that one encounter...that gives me confidence that this reunion I am planning with every ounce of my sane skill and ability (and sometimes drawing on the crazy parts because they are creative and fun and make me knock the walls off the box of how you're 'supposed to do stuff' out with a sledgehammer), this reunion will be a smashing success because Catherine and I made friends.  Seriously.  Everything is possible.  Trust me.

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