Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Accidental Huffer?

I cleaned the living room floor with straight bleach today because DUDE, it needed it.  I am pretty sure I have not had a coherent thought since 2:30 this afternoon.  Know how I can tell?  I cried almost all the way through Biggest Loser tonight.  AND freakin' GLEE.  What?!  thehell?!

They were all about empowerment and finding your place in the world and loads of similar inspirational shit that  I.  Am.  A.  SUCKER for.  And that took all the snark right out of me.  But I really don't feel like posting some super sappy thing about how it's all so relatable to whatever you're dealing with in real life and the message for you means...  and stuff like that. 

Because I am pretty sure I'll have to go watch a bunch of David Lynch movies I haven't seen in 15 years to even out that kind of post.  And I'd throw in The Wall for nostalgia's sake.  For some reason, the part where Pink impales his hand on that shard of broken glass after he shatters the hotel window is one of my all time favorite movie images.  The Things are a little young yet to pop those in for family movie night. 

So... Bleach!  Watch out for that.

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