Monday, April 5, 2010

Apple Fast ...and Huh?

I almost started a Three Day Apple Fast today.  Almost.  Why?  Why on earth would I do something ridculous like an Apple Fast?  Because it's been on my mind lately and I am working on listening to myself more.  Because if I keep on telling people to trust their instincts then I should follow suit and trust mine.  Because the kids are gone for a whole week and 1. I don't feel like cooking, 2. You are supposed to turn into a monster on Apple Fast Day Two and no human child needs to witness me being a monster.  But I didn't start that today.  I got the apples though.

Anyway, I've been feeling junky and this is a good way to clear out the junkiness.   Now, I will be a monster on Thursday.  stay tuned.  should be real fun.

In painting news: Two walls done!  yay!  Walls 3 and 4 to be completed tomorrow.  I march to my own beat people, just hush about how I could have finished it all two days ago.  Have you ever tried to move seven pieces of bedroom furniture with varying degrees of mammothicity around a room like one of those plastic tile puzzles with one tile missing?  All by yourself?  No?  Then shhhh.  And if you have, then you don't require shushing because you know exactly why this is taking so long.

And I think I am getting into going out with married men.  Not like that.  Not figurative conversating with married men.  Actual conversating, in public, with multisyllabic words and everything.  Anyway, what I meant was that for the second time in a few weeks I am having dinner and drinks with a married, guy friend.  I am not going to put the blast on this guy.  I am not a homewrecker. I wrecked my own home but that was purely Machiavellian. I am not into destroying the marriages of others...with adultery I mean.  Perhaps I shouldn't have started this subject.  Whatever.  I used to be friends with so many men and I miss their perspective in real life.  Get to have drinks with one tomorrow.  Happy about that.

X update: He did NOT get the crowns fixed last Friday.  And three of them have fallen out instead of the one I heard about originally.  He can't get anything done until next week when he gets back.  Then it's going to be doctor, nap, poker game/golf, nap, bar, dentist, bar, bar, nap.  Repeat.  For the next few weeks until the transplant consult.  Whee.

Things are enjoying vacation so far.  Thing 1 can now hit a golf ball more than 100 yards and he parred one of the holes at the course in Carolina.  That's good, right?  I only had a fleeting knowledge of golf during my marriage.  Last thing I remember there was a cute, new Australian on the scene who wore fancy, tight pants.  Watching that guy on TV and then glancing over to fat, furry X on the sofa in his underwear...pieces of my heart died.  I had to stop watching golf when Baddeley came around.  I digress...over 100 yards!  And par!  These are good things! 

Huh, this post took a couple of weird turns.  Didn't see those coming.  Carry on. 

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