Monday, April 12, 2010

Catching Up

What a great weekend!  Before I get fully into the fun and friendship recap, let me just say that Thing 1 and Thing 2 are back from a week with the outlaws (and looking none the worse for wear!).  See...?
Rare depiction of Thing 1 smiling.  I should send this in to National Geographic.
Thing 2 managed to lose the second top tooth and ditch the Andy Rooney impression.
[sigh]  As much as I love them, the break was just what I needed.  And as my mother used to say, "How can I miss you if you don't go away?"  Welcome back, monkeys.

Okay, moving on to the scoop with the sorority weekend.  Don't you just love those friends you can reconnect with after a million years like no time has passed? 

Tami, Random Dude, Me and Grace playing cornhole on Saturday
I hadn't seen those girls for more than a couple of hours in the last 15 years yet we dug our toes in the sand over cocktails and talked like we just saw each other at bunco last month.  I am pretty sure the only breaks in conversation happened while we were sleeping.  At one point we decided what to call it when somebody asks for or receives the gift of a breast enhancement boob job: Tits in a Box.  It could be our private joke but I really think Tits in a Box needs a place in the blogosphere if someone hasn't come up with this already.  [pause for Google]  Crap, somebody came up with it already.  There's a myspace video.  I did not know about this on the beach on Saturday and we were talking about fake boobs anyway.  I claim originality in the moment.

Anyway, a play by play of the weekend would be exhausting but it was so goofy and fun.  I also found out that being the single friend who happens to live in the city where your friends are vacationing is an excellent way to get men funneled in your general direction.  Anytime guys would try to hit on Tami or Grace the girls would politely bump them right on over to me with a diplomatic, "Oh, I'm sorry [flashes diamond], I'm married.  But Silver's not!  Silver, meet this dude!"  Entirely possible that this was a more successful technique than online personals sites.  Results to follow.

And now it's back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Reunion meeting this week.  Oooh, I did get an unexpected call from one of the PTA Moms at the high school tonight!  Under the double headings of "Nostalgia" and "Why Reinvent the Wheel?" I'd called months ago to ask if we could find some way to link up and sell t-shirts together.  See, they've already got the shirts made and their profits go to the same scholarship fund that all of our leftover money from the reunion party is going toward so I figured we could help each other out.  Never underestimate the power of the female network; they totally came through.  I'll get more info on how exactly by the end of the week.  I think we'll have shirts for sale at the meeting on Friday and probably at our beach party in June.  Sweet.  It's awesome how I seem to know what I'm doing even though I am driving without a map.

X update: He brought the Things home from Carolina this evening.  We're unloading bags and talking about the big golf tournament, anyway I guess the pollen got to him along the way and he had to sneeze but he held it in like a girl instead of sneezing out loud which always annoyed the crap out of me about him.  He's going to give himself an aneurysm doing that one day.  I said, "What the...?"  He said, "I don't want to blow my crowns out."  Oh.  (eeewwww)  Gotcha.  So, dentist tomorrow to get that fixed and then I'll get clued in to the next round of doctor visits before the transplant consult. 

Audrey update:  She's still with Tin Man.  Sometimes watching this feels like waiting for water to boil.  And there's that saying and all.  My only consolation is that the pot just keeps getting hotter.  It is only a matter of time.

And that is my update about the weekend and stuff for now.  Oh, and the blogapallooza in New York in August is sold out, of course, but I put myself on the waitlist for tickets today.  I really need to attend this thing.  Hear that universe?  Just letting you know.

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