Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I had such a day I can't even write about it yet.  My heart is too tangled to give my head words.  They won't be nice words either.  Although there was absolutely nothing wrong with Today except They.  The shadow of they usually lurks, sneaking power away in insignificant, silent moments.  Today they messed with me out loud. 

They just picked the wrong fucking person to mess with.

At first, on the inside I looked like this:

And then I looked like this:

You know how I say don't fuck with me?  Well, when they fuck with my kid, then me and then the rest of my family...that's what you should expect to see.  Only it'll be verbal instead and with really expressive eyes and breathing.  I'm not so good with the axes and the aiming in reality.

Anyway, even though I have used words about it all goddamn day in person, email and phone I can't write them together here enough tonight to find the funny in my helltastic encounter with they.  And there's going to be more tomorow.  And it has to be kind of funny. 

Otherwise I'll get a whole bunch of OMG and HUGS! crap.  Sorry, but hugs ain't what I need right now.  Take that teenspeak someplace else.  See that bullet belt over there?  Yeah, that one.  The one that looks like a thesaurus.  Hand it over.  And get me some comedy.  What are you waiting for?!  MOVE! 

Full report tomorrow. 

EDIT: Diane?  Your timing is exquisite.

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diane said...

Sorry, I read the "Brought" post before this one, otherwise I would gone for caustic. The Brought post is funny, but I also enjoyed your disdain of "HUGS! crap" as a response to posts. Reading "hugs" (or worse, with the brackets) always makes me roll my eyes.