Friday, April 23, 2010

Taking a Bit of a Pass

See, I was all ready to shift gears from the Terminator Mom thing and write about this dream I had today where my dead mother talked to me and stuff but then I saw that somehow, mysteriously my readership freakin' doubled overnight.  Wha?  I mean, thanks a ton and'kay...?  How in the...?   (Don't ask questions, dummy.  Just go with it)  Okay, so whatever.  Hi, y'all!

Anyway, in light of that, I am not going to start you all out with a weird as fuck post about dreams and dead mothers and my incomplete philosophy on what happens with the spiritual self after one takes the Eternal Dirt Nap (or hypothetically exists in a box next to the TV in Dad's living room for two years...hypothetically).

Instead, I'm posting a bit from Brian Regan I first heard on a car ride down to the in-laws-at-the-time compound in Jupiter, Florida in 2002.  This is just a 6 minute snippet but...I cried with laughing.  You had logs?

I believe that's from his Brian Regan Live CD.  So, y'know, totally go buy that if you found that funny.  If not, well, thanks for taking the chance.  Take luck.  See you tomorrow.

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