Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Self Extreme*

I'm not a fan of the idea that there are things you aren't supposed to talk about. 

I would prefer, I think, to be honest and say what's on my mind without people going ape and getting super offended and being judgy and twisting my words around to spin me into the bad guy just for expressing an opinion or mentioning something utterly bizarre that happened during my day that I just can't get out of my head. 

Wouldn't that be nice?

Wouldn't it be nice to just be able to talk and say things without running the risk of alienating the people who should be closest to you because they get hyper freaked out about random crap that's just ...random and really none of their business to get freaked out by and run around badmouthing you over it?

And then they say something like, "Well, YOU'RE the one who put it out there.  If you didn't want people to see it you shouldn't be putting it on the internet in the first place."  And yeah, I get your point, but why on Earth are you reading stuff that you know is just going to get your panties in a bunch in the first place, hmmm?

I do not seek out what Ann Coulter has to say for this very reason.  Because hitting people with bats is still considered assault as far as I can tell and as I have mentioned I really don't like jail.  Anyway...point being that if you purposely seek out things that are completely out of your control for the sole purpose of making your own blood boil and going around and yelling about it and the only outcome is you just being all yelly... then you should stop fucking doing that.  Or you should lighten the fuck up. 

Because I use this little Blogsperiment to talk about things that pop into my head so I don't go crazy, right?  Says so right at the top of the page and everything.  But there's a few things I can't talk about here because of the repercussions in real life. 

But guess what?  There may be another way to vent.  And it's not just all ranty, hate spewing garbage either.  These are real, relatable WTF moments and other people might just like to know there's someone else out there who had them too and maybe we can share some wisdom in the comments section about dealing with the aftermath or just bond over the ohmyfuckinggodareyoukiddingmerightnow-ness of it all. 

And nobody gets hurt because it's all anonymous and stuff.  Like for real without my name and picture and whatever.  And I get to cling to the illusion of sanity for a little while longer. 

That...will be nice.

But I haven't written anything there yet and I'll let you know when I do but you'll have to email me for the site address because blasting it out over here would be the opposite of the point.


* Title credit goes to Mean Girl Garage who typo-ed "self extreme" in a tweet when she meant to say "self esteem" but in the case of the Hyper-Offended who take themselves and every other thing in the world so goddamn seriously every second of the day I think Self Extreme is fucking Brilliant and it should become a new catch phrase if it isn't already. 


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I love your post! But NOT because of the title! Because of what YOU wrote!

Dawn said...

Exactly. and hugs - because I so know what you mean.

Dawn, your BlogHer roommate :)

Summer said...

I found you through Mean Girl. Glad I did.

I know exactly what you're saying. I connected my blog to my FB, and now it limits my blogging sometimes. Sucks a big fat one. I've thought about starting a new one for purposes in which you speak.

Silver said...

Thanks ladies! Welcome Summer. :) Glad to have you. and Dawn, can't thank you enough. Looking forward to meeting you next week! yay!