Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Impression

He said I was nice.  Not just that.  He said I was "SO nice."  Like, literally with the "so" in ALL CAPS and everything.

I am doomed.



I mean, I AM nice.  Nice.  god that's a watery word.  but it's true.  First impression?  Nice. 

No wonder I never get asked out.

I swear, the more you get to know me I am super sarcastic and will happily offer to kill people for you and I am johnny on the spot when it comes to twisted innuendo.  I seriously almost choke on my tongue in polite company from not running with innuendo out loud.  But sometimes it springs forth before I can stop it...always fun.

But he doesn't know that.  We didn't ever even talk for more than a minute.  So he just thinks I'm nice.

And it's only not the worst thing in the world because...why?  I don't even know why right now.

At least he thinks I'm something?



Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

SO nice isn't always so bad, yanno?

Silver said...

I know. I do. Thank you. It was just one of those "gosh I could have done that better probably" moments. I really liked meeting you.

Anonymous said...

If you punch him in the face he won't think you're nice!

Silver said...

Interesting strategy. Not exactly the direction I'd like to take that though. Just hoping for something edgier than marshmallow fluff in the future.

Mez said...

Yeah...I get that "nice" crap too...IT SUCKS!! I'd prefer..."badass" or "cool"