Monday, August 2, 2010

It Will All Work Out

I honestly believe that everything will work out just like it is supposed to.  Everything happens for a reason.  Every moment in time is meant to be exactly where it is.  My X hated that attitude for a long time.  "Why?!  How can you possibly think that everything will work out?"

My response, "Because it has to."  Seriously, how can it not?  What's the worst that could happen?  You die?  Well, then you'll be dead and it won't matter anymore will it?  Not that I'm endorsing suicide...god, no.  I certainly don't want to come off like that. 

More like a Steel Magnolias "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" type thing.  And I don't know if it makes us stronger...I mean, there are those people who keep banging their heads against the same brick wall over and over again and they never learn a damn thing.  That doesn't seem like strength to me.  Endurance maybe, but not strength.  Anyway...don't kill yourself is what I'm saying.  It will all work out. 

Maybe not like you planned.  Maybe not like you hoped, but it will work out.  And the path you end up walking along is there for a reason.  You were meant to be there.  To learn something.  Or to be lead to the thing you're supposed to do next.  or something.  I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that's what happens. 

Can you just float along on your back with your eyes closed and expect life to be sublimely grand?  Eh, I don't think so.  I think you have to swim with the current, watch where you're going, avoid big rocks...stuff like that.  I think you have to work with your life to make it the best possible experience you can but if you do find yourself lost or hung up on a branch or in some other way deviated from where you thought you were going to be...that's not necessarily the worst thing in the world. 

It may feel like it.  You may feel frustrated and upset and rage at the unfairness.  And that's valid.  Spend some time there.  Feel what you feel.  Then get over it.  Figure out how to be where you are now.  What that might mean.  Then figure out how you can use this to your advantage and keep moving forward.  And be willing to change your plan from time to time. 

I don't mean you should sacrifice who you are.  You should always be who you are.  But figure out how to incorporate whatever it is that's so astonishingly irksome into who you are.  Acknowledge it.  Roll with it.  Embrace it.  Because if you're getting that upset over something then it has clearly struck a chord with you.  Let it resonate. 

Accept that reverberation as part of the symphony that is your whole self.  Not just the parts you like.  Because all of your parts are valuable.  It's a yin yang thing...can't have light without darkness or up without down...I'm sure some philosopher or physicist has explained this extensively somewhere else.  Don't just take my word for it, go Google or something.  Or you could Wikipedia but I recommend aspirin first.

Anyway.  Everything will work out.  This time next week, next month, next year it will all be different.  It will all work out exactly like it is supposed to. 


Dawn said...

I always wonder about you ... optimistic people... and what medications you're on. ;)

Silver said...

I'm not medicated. If I were medicated I would be one of those floaty people with their eyes closed. I'm more of a klutzy swimmer who hasn't drowned yet and hopes there's a point to all this. :)

Elizabeth said...

You write by feel. I like that, and the subjects of your posts. They're honest. I think you might enjoy a story I'm posting along the same lines at I hope you will take a peek.