Thursday, August 12, 2010


Almost eight solid months of writing every day.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Sometimes thoughts don't organize themselves at the speed I need to make these any more than rough drafts of what could be much better pieces of observational text. 

My friend Audrey is in a relationship I absolutely despise to the point I offer to kill her fiancee almost every day via email.  Or at the very least make my way over to where ever he is and slam him in the face with a brick.  I mean, I love men but this guy is a pig from hell.  (Yes, Audrey reads this and no, these sentiments will not be a shocking surprise for her to read as she drinks her morning coffee tomorrow.  Hi, Audrey.)  Anyway they're going through this thing right now that makes me so hopeful her journey into self-loathing will end, like, we speak?  maybe?  But it won't.  It's the same as every other time I thought she was at a breaking point.  She is a distance runner who passed my Aw-Hail-No mile marker a loooong time ago.  The current WTF shenanigans?  Just another day that ends in Y for her.  ugh.  (Here for you, Audrey.  Please let me kill him.  I've Googled...we can DO this.  text me when you're ready, I'll get a sitter.)

My X is still dealing with Advanced Cirrhosis.  He's going for his Liver Transplant follow up appointment tomorrow.  I'm not going with this time.  It's just a follow up.  He didn't qualify last time because of the improvement/stasis/whatever.  Whether he's still improving or getting worse he won't qualify for a transplant tomorrow either.  His 20 year high school reunion party is next weekend and I can't figure out if he'll play the sympathy-ish "I'm so mature; I've really learned my lesson" card or if he'll go in the "I got a Rep to protect" direction for always being the BigPartyFunGuy. Y'know...most likely to get naked, dance on a table, beat the shit out of somebody then pass out in a bathtub...I'm pretty sure in that order.  It's only a few hours of a party.  Could really go either way here.  If I choose correctly and start a betting pool?  I could finance my whole blogapalooza for next year.

I have been so tangled up in le blogosphere that I haven't done anything this week for MY high school reunion.  But I have scheduled another committee meeting for next Thursday so I know I'll be in hyperdrive for that very, very soon. 

The Things got Airsoft rifles today.  We've already had one injury.  A slightly manic neighbor kid darted in front of target practice because...I think his anxiety meds were wearing off.  Thing 2 nailed him in the back by accident.  Thing 2 got his gun taken away.  Neighbor kid got an ice pack.  Fingers crossed I don't get socially shredded for this.  pleasepleaseplease.

And I don't even know why I write anymore other than to just get thoughts out of my head but sometimes I can't get them out the way I want and somebody told me over the weekend that if it becomes a chore I shouldn't force myself to write but I hardly ever did homework in high school and I think keeping up with something every day is important and I would rather it be writing than doing laundry even though god knows the laundry needs some attention. 

In a nutshell or several, that is what I'm thinking about today. 

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