Sunday, August 15, 2010

Slip n Scar

I had an afternoon on the water today.  There was a Slip n Slide,

Slip n Bleed, Slip n Scar...whatever you want to call it...there was a significant length of tarp strategically laid down an exceptionally steep dune.  And lubed with soap.  There were inflatables involved.  And willing sliders. 

I was one of them. 

The face plant was to be expected.

We had a cove and a hill and a grill. 

And it ended like this.

Pretty cool.


Summer said...

Great pics. Slip n' Slides scare me. I think the age cut off should be 12. After that, you're just going to hurt yourself.

Kelly said...

Didn't they recall those things or stop making them because of the "scar" factor? Tee hee. NIce bikini shot Miss Silver!

Silver said...

Danger is where it's AT. Surprisingly the only injuries were sand-scarring ones. Note to self: do not use elbows (and/or face) for "brakes."

Thanks, Kelly! ;)

Anonymous said...

This looks utterly awesome! I admire your courage on the Slip n' Slide, particularly in a bikini. It's one of those things I always want to do - the Slip n' Slide, not the wearing a bikini (I gave up on that one years ago) - but I'm guessing I'd take one look at the incline and slowly back away. Kudos to you for taking the leap.

And the sunset? Gorjoise!