Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm a Driver; I'm a Winner

A collossal mass of guilt, denial, procrastination and money has been chipped, chopped and sledgehammered away until all that's left is a thin slip of white paper with clear black words promising a driver's license in my mailbox next week.  I felt a little like this as I left the DMV today:

Veronica Sawyer makes it out alive.  Heathers.
Because oh my god bless america that was one excruciating process.  But it's over now.  yay!  moving on.

My friend Audrey quieted my concerns about being perceived as scary and intimidating yesterday.  Intense, she said.  That was a better word.  Scary or intimidating is a matter of perception.  She said my intensity musters up fear in people who are uncomfortable with themselves.  I found that to be an excellent point and embraced it instantly.  Some people just...get you.  That's a good feeling.

So, tra la laaa happy skippy zinging forward with everything else in the world.  Except for the actual work of the garage remodel because there's some kind of typhoon happening around here but I can't do anything about the weather so I don't give a flying squirrel about that right now.

And my decorations person for the reunion, the one who never emailed me back?  Emailed me tonight asking why *I* didn't email her back.  But I DID email her back.  All the way back last week.  And if she claims she didn't get it like she claims she didn't get my text message canceling our meeting last month and was upset because she showed up anyway and had to pay a sitter even though everyone else I sent the text to got the message and it wasn't a huge problem?  I don't know what to tell her.  sorry?  miscommunication is a bitch?  I already ordered the decorations I wanted anyway but I didn't mean for her to feel slighted...  It's confusing.  The reunion is two weeks away.  I don't have time for anymore confusing in my life.  check your yahoo account, 'kay?

But my souvenirs came in yesterday...

I'm pretty stoked about those.  I know, it's just a can coozie but I came up with that logo for the reunion and I like practical party favors, okay?  And these are way less pricey than t-shirts. And if we started with a budget of absolute zero and have to sell 100 more tickets in the next 16 days to break even and avoid me stroking out then, trust me, we're going with economical favors.  Wow, I'm a little defensive about that.  heh.

[deep breath, tra la laaa, legal driver]  

Okay, I'm good.  So, yep.  That's where we are.


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