Tuesday, September 7, 2010

okay, FINE

Due to a slight guilt trip throughout the day I am being forced to write tonight.  FORCED I tell you.  I am under duress.  Thanks, Audrey.  Hope you enjoy this with your coffee Wednesday morning.  [eyeroll]  yeesh. 

So the Great Garage Remodel/Conversion Project didn't start last week like I thought.  Apparently I had grossly overestimated my outlaws' power of coercion over a holiday weekend.  Even their minions like their time off.  huh.  go figure. 

So I spent Labor Day Weekend emptying out the whole garage preparing for this project because somebody's going to snap fingers soon enough and this place better be ready or I'll have to wait around another 10 months for this to happen and I just don't think I can handle the "Wheh-ehnnn, Moh-ohmmmmm?" questions any longer.  So now the garage is Empty.  Just waiting for the work to begin.

What is now my two car garage will soon become a Tween Dream Scene bedroom/playroom for Thing 1 and Thing 2.  They're basically getting their own wing of the house.  I have absolutely no clue how this is going to turn out.  No idea what it will look like when it's done.  Nothin'.  Do we have a plan?  Of course not.  The outlaws didn't even want to get a freakin' building permit for this project.  They hate red tape more than I do and avoid it frequently.  Part of the reason "outlaws" is such a fitting name for them. 

But everything thing is in place and ready to go and I fully expect to be greeted after work tomorrow with various and sundry people and projects in full swing.  Like a surprise!  oooo.  fun.

And this is what else tomorrow afternoon will look like: 

Help my sister, Cindy Brady, with her resume; make car and driving related phone calls; send more reunion emails because dear god it's SIX WEEKS AWAY; get the kids off the bus; help them with homework; make sure the timer is set so they don't play too much Modern Warfare 2; referee the neighbor kids; make dinner; get everyone to shut up during Big Brother because it's a really important POV competition (C'MON BRITNEY!); and get the Things to bed.

And somewhere in tomorrow's p.m. hours find a way to squeeze in some personal emails and phone calls and maybe write a post.  And remember to set the timer on the coffee maker in the morning just to maybe see if it will work this time because it never works and now I just do it as a joke but at least all I have to do is hit Start in the morning and minutes are precious here, people.  precious.

Have you been curious why I haven't exactly been thoughtfully inspired to write something poignant and meaningful lately?  That's why.

This will all settle down.  It's just the regular hecticness of getting back into the school year routine thrown in with several other very major and pressing projects still happening all at once.  No big deal.  Just letting you know that I'm not going through any weird kind of depression or anything.  Like, losing the will to blog does not equal losing the will to live or whatever.  I'm just really, really obligated in lots of other directions and not feeling especially creative right now. 

But whatever.  Audrey said she wants something to read in the morning. 

Would you consider getting clickety with the blogroll?  Because who knows when I'll be feeling all wordy and escapist again and there's some really good stuff in there.

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