Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Can Almost See It Now...

What are you going to do with the space once the boys move into the new room?

The room that is currently their bedroom will stay a bedroom.  A guest room maybe?  Depends on whether or not the future Tween Dream bedroom sticks.  I'm sure it'll be fine as a rec room no matter what, but they could get freaked out by the idea of being All The Way over on the other side of the house when it's time to sleep.  Too new.  Too strange.  They're only 10 and 8...we haven't exactly arrived at the "Greg Brady moving into the attic" moment just yet. 

But what is now the Toy Room.  The pit of hell.  That's getting turned into an office for me.  Because my bedroom is where I sleep and the kitchen gets too easily cluttered and the deck...well, I like using the deck as my office but that's entirely weather dependent and hauling everything in and out multiple times a day is a hassle.  So I'm giving myself an office. or something. 

I need to think of a better name for it because plain old Office doesn't sound anything like an HQ for Total World Domination.  Batcave is taken.  Fortress of Solitude, while probably accurate, would be far too depressing.  and cold.  brrr.  And according to an incomplete list on Wikipedia, Wonder Woman didn't even have a secret sanctuary.  Oprah obviously had no input on Diana Prince's character arc over the years.  Not that I'd go for a candlelit retreat with a chaise and a shelf full of Toni Morrison...but you know what I mean.

It'll have to evolve I guess.  Because right now it's just the flingerie for 57 thousand things I have nowhere else to put.  I have a hard time picturing what I want the space to look like when it becomes my space alone to claim.  But I just realized it will be a place where I can hang my Lichtenstein prints that don't fit anywhere else in the house.

Reflection in Miror
This one is my favorite.  You hardly ever see Lichtensteins with the women smiling.  I used to have it and a couple others in my office when I did fundraising events at the domestic violence shelter.  I made them into a series.  But it always felt weird to hang them in the living room at home.  Or even my bedroom.  I love them and all but they're very loud.  and large.  Too much for full family consumption.

But they'll go perfect in a space that's just for me.  I may be getting a vision for this space after all. 
[tents fingers on lips]  iiiinnnteresting.

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