Sunday, October 24, 2010

Something About Electricity

I had to replace light bulbs and now the kitchen is way too bright.  I don't think there should be this much of a difference between 120 watts and 180 watts.  It's unsettling really.

My light bulb situation has been a little haywire as of late.  The oven light for example.  It works now.  My oven light hasn't worked for years.  I never replaced the bulb because I am perfectly fine opening up the oven to check on stuff.  And I didn't even turn the oven light on to discover this.  One day in the last two weeks I noticed it was just...on.  I don't understand it but chalked it up to a "Ours is not to question why" moment and let it be.

Then the dryer light started getting unpredictable.  However, because I make a concerted effort to pay as little attention to the dryer as possible this doesn't seem as troublesome.  But I notice it.  occasionally.

And then all of a sudden two light bulbs in the kitchen ceiling fan were out.  Two.  Out of...three.

So I replaced them but with 60 watt bulbs instead of 40 watt bulbs because I already used the other 40 watt bulbs on the track lights in the kitchen before this and I didn't think I needed to rush right out and get more because I'd replaced the ceiling fan bulbs not that long ago and I know it's me we're talking about here but really?  REALLY?!  and now my kitchen is bright enough to make me squinty and be annoyed.

All the electricity is erratic actually.  The battery on my computer is dead beyond dead now too.  And this afternoon?  Thing 2 tried to unplug the wall outlet power source thing for the laptop and broke that third round part of the plug that makes it a triangle so it was stuck in the outlet.

I shut off the power to the house for a minute so I could pry out the prong and then reattached it to the power cord.  Because why not.  Although I should probably take a class about basic electricity sometime because (you won't be surprised to learn) I've been mildly electrocuted before and I can see it happening again easily if I attempt something like that in the future especially if time is a factor.  But I was clear thinking enough to go to the fuse box.  this time.  And I'm thinking maybe I gave my domestic electrical situation a kind of reboot in the process?

Maybe quitting smoking is a bit of that for me personally too.  I guess I feel like I'm pressing on the reset button.  Counting down my 30 seconds for a reboot?

Also, somewhere in the midst of hour 70 something and Day 3 of quitting smoking.  Huzzah!  Other also?  Boardwalk Empire?  not fair with the visual triggers.  gah.


Jason said...

Lightbulbs are bullshit. Oil lamps, I say.

Silver said...

Oil lamps. Seconded.