Friday, January 28, 2011

Catching Up

It's not that I don't love you, readers.  I do.  I promise.  It's's hard to explain.  The absence I mean.  Why I went from the Blog-a-Day Great Blogsperiment to jack diddly nothing two months ago.  You feel gypped.  Confused.  Bewildered.  It's okay.  I understand.  I would too if I were you.

And it's not like it's something I planned.  It was just Thanksgiving and I thought I'd take the night off and things started to happen that I couldn't write about but couldn't get my head away from and then all of a sudden I wasn't thinking about what I had done I was thinking about what I was going to do and rather than  fill you full of empty promises I didn't write anything.  I fell off twitter too.  Even facebook for a while.

Because even though hundreds upon hundreds of people find me witty and entertaining, it only takes one strategically placed accusation that my online presence is ruining someone's life for the whole thing to fall right the hell apart.  Hypothetically.

But it has become overwhelmingly obvious that whether I'm out loud in a crowd or not? some things are just going to suck.  And since I can't keep quiet in church?  the blog is back.  maybe not in the daily form like before, I still have some 3D stuff on which I have to focus that does not allow for hours and hours of navel gazing each day however charming you or I may find it, but in some form.  Weekly, twice weekly.  I'm not making any promises.  I'm still figuring out the details.  I will not be caged by your expectations!  or something.

So there's that.  I just wanted to let you know that I'm not dead nor have I been inhabited by pod people so you don't get too worried.  Everything's cool.  Just had to hold down the reset button for a smidge of time there.  Thanks for understanding.  You're the best.  etc.

AND ALSO, my friend Kris, or Nine as I believe his minions call him, has invited me to write over at his site  Which I always thought was pronounced "werd" as in "word" but apparently it's pronounced "weird" as in...well..."weird" I guess.  And I should have known that because he calls his minions twistoids so you know there's something less than normal going on over there.  Which is FINE with me.  totally fine.  There's no such thing as normal anyway, that's not what...anyway.  not the point.  The point is my friend asked me to write with/for him on his site.  And I've been stumped.  STUMPED I tell you as to what to write about.

So here's the preliminary deal.  I'm going to drop some of my Junior Counselor to the Free World stylings on the general internet over at on a somewhat regular basis.  That is the plan at this point.  Because people need my advice.  Perhaps even you?  When my eyeballs aren't floating from too much Dogfishhead IPA, I'm an incredibly intuitive insightful person.  Which you've of course figured out after two months of poring through my archives because you were so desperate to find out my opinion on life as we know it while I was away.

Wait.  What?!

You DIDN'T spend the past two months poring through the archives?!  You just thought, "Huh, no blog from Silver.  That's odd.  Oh well, Studio Thirty + is chock full of other people, I'll just mosey on over there." without so much as batting an eyelash?  REALLY?!  Not that I blame you.  Studio Thirty + is doing some amazing things.  As is MamaPop, DadCentric, Polite Fictions and a whole slew of other group blog sites that I love dearly.  So that's fine I guess. I can't fault you for that too TOO much. stings.  It... ow is all I'm saying.

Okay, so, advice.  My free opinion for your viewing pleasure will be available at wyrd101 as soon as I get my act together to write an intro post and start taking questions.  I'll answer anything you might need to know, like "What does it mean when your husband starts spray tanning and your pillow smells like unfamiliar cologne?" or, "How soon into stalking should I drink my face off then send an incoherent email at 3 a.m. professing my love with as few consonants as possible?" or even, "Uggs.  Crocs.  One bullet."

I'm here to help is what I mean.

So that's what's going on.  Oh, and I'm becoming an Event Coordinator, which I have been on a volunteer basis for years but now I'm branching out into my own gig.  So if you need any parties planned, shoot me an email.  I can do anything from multi-day events with 400+ guests to the more intimate "I'd love to have some people over but the thought of planning it stresses me out" gathering.  When you don't know, go with the pro!  No event is too big or too small!  And other propaganda-ish stuff as well!

Aaaaannnnd...what else?....hmmmm.  That's about it for now.
Thanks for being here.


Mom et al said...

Well, it's about time Woman! Glad to hear you've got great things in the mix. Go you!

Lisa said...

What a pleasant surprise. Welcome back.