Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We Interrupt This Program...


What the fuck was I thinking.

I might have been in an altered state of consciousness when it was all about rainbows, okay?  Leave me alone.

But...rainbows are relevant to what I'm going to talk about next.  Not this time, but NEXT next time.  Okay, I'll leak a little bit of it.  Thing 2 told me out of nowhere the other night that when he was in first grade his classmates were chattering on about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

But he's all tough and worldly and whatnot and said that wasn't true.  He knew better.

And I feel I may have failed him as a parent.

I mean, our job as parents is to fuck up our kids with our own perceptions.  Exactly HOW we fuck up our kids comes to light later.  Down the road.  Right?  Not when they're nine.  Or maybe when they're nine.  whatever.  He doesn't believe in bullshit myths that aren't true anyway.  That's smart.

It's not like I killed his sense of hope sometime near or about the tender age of first grade or anything...


There is a happy ending to that story eventually.  But for now?  I AM GETTING THE FUCK OUT OF TOWN FOR A FEW DAYS!

Oh my god you don't even know how much I need this.  This summer, with its hospital stays and extra blood besides that and general goddamn weirdness on deep emotional levels has left me with a desperate need to vacate the situation like you read about.

My threshold for crisis has been met.  *white flag*  get me outta here.

I will be in the greater DC area for a few days starting Wednesday.  Making a pilgrimage to IKEA and communing with some sorority sisters if fate allows. And other DC blogger friends if I get my shit together on twitter and work things out?  not sure yet.  that would just be grrravy.  But hey, Tyson's y'all.  let's make some magic happen.

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