Sunday, February 18, 2007

Who Cares? Oh

So, other than this fundraiser I'm organizing which has to net $40K for my agency, there's plenty going on. I stupidly watched "United 93" tonight and practically cried my face off. Good grief! There's a reason I decided not to watch that before, but once I channel surfed around and landed on that I couldn't turn away...rubbernecking the accident in the worst way.

You know though, that whole United 93 thing has always made me think. All those people on that flight with their backgrounds in both taking care of people and taking charge really got to me (from the beginning I mean, not just tonight).

I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and really think that combination of people on that plane, while tragic that they died, helped save the hope of the nation that day. It is their determination to combat impending evil that strengthens me at times. I often wonder, if faced with a similar conflict am I worthy of that kind of challenge?

On a personal level I know that I am. Not to be cocky or anything, but there has to come a time in your life when you know where your strengths are. I happen to be good at handling a crisis. This comes from a history of procrastination (not glamorous at all) where you absolutely guarantee you have to make split second decisions to ensure your ultimate success.

Unfortunately I am great at that. As will be evidenced by this fundraiser project. Chow! Hampton Roads will be a premier event from this point forward and in a couple of years the idea of stressing out about hitting $40K will be a laughable memory.

Chow! will become a $100K plus weekend event nationally recognized as promoting local charity, local agriculture and just plain old local culture. I will win. Everybody will.

Restoring hope? That's a goal.

Intangibles again...hmmm

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