Monday, November 5, 2007

All Manner of Things Will Be Well

You know how I can tell my life is in order? Everyone else around me is chaotic. That's the way we do, it's like a leap-frog situation. When I'm all kinds of crazy and need a reality check, they're sane. I get over the drama and when they need a touchstone, they call me. It's karma at its finest and recently I've been getting calls.

I have a bulletin board at work with names of people who need good thoughts. It's not full, but it's getting there. Thankfully the only things on my list of needs include getting a dress for a fundraising event next week (cake walk) and signing my kids up for guitar lessons (done by the end of the week).

People on the board: my brother-in-law, the brother of my best friend from junior high, my favorite sorority sister and a boy in Florida.

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