Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Guitar lessons not locked in yet. Grumble to me. Dress is more difficult to find than I thought it would be. Why is there no choice besides "slutty high school homecoming" and "matronly" ??? I need an outstanding dress that looks like I am who I am.

I'm looking for something slightly retro, yet unconventional and fantastic without being a candidate for topping a parade float. The fact that the theme of the event is "Silver Bells" is way more difficult for me especially. Would love to wear a silver dress, but would that be overkill? Probly, but I'm considering it anyway. I already have the shoes.

It's Tuesday, the thing is Friday. I have to use my lunch hours wisely from this point forward. Never did I think it would be a good thing that my workplace was so close to The Mall…'til now.

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