Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Friends You Keep

I made a resolution for myself a couple of months ago that I would not intentionally avoid someone I used to know if I ran into them randomly.

This doesn't sound like a hard resolution to keep, but think of all the people you see and recognize but just don't say hi to for whatever reason. You're busy, they look busy, it's been so long, whatever. There are plenty of ways to justify, but ultimately you look back on that moment and wonder why you didn't just go over and say 'hello.'

Christmas shopping had me out in places where I saw a bunch of people including a boy I haven't seen in about 10 years who used to be my best friend in the world and it was SO good to see him again, his older brother, a family friend, and another school friend from a million years ago. I accidentally didn't say hi to one person. I meant to but I was looking for a specific book in a store and she was too. I think she might have seen me, but we were both too involved to say hi, then I lost her. I kind of hate that.

I resolve again to break from the minutiae moment and make a connection. It matters not whether you get the Easy Bake Oven or the perfect book, that's not what you'll remember years down the road. You'll remember the last time you talked to Kristen...or didn't.

This is partly inspired by Monica who crossed decades to say hello in restaurant. For that, I am ever thankful.

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