Saturday, June 14, 2008

Everything v. Anything

People say "Anything's possible." They've tossed that stupid-ass phrase around so much that the average idiot thinks it's dead-on enough to put the "Shit happens" bumper sticker on his truck. Thanks Forest Gump.

"Anything is possible" blithely suggests that the stuff you kind of expected would happen will happen...good, bad, whatever. It may surprise you for a moment, but you could have seen it coming all along if you'd been paying attention and it's painless enough from which to recover.

"Everything is possible" gets to the guts of the matter...even the shit you hadn't thought to guess would happen yet will happen...good, bad, whatever. Everything, I mean every god forsaken beautiful hateful incredible impossible thing will hit you like a million tons of bricks when you least see it coming. This type of shit will throw you for a loop that lasts a little bit longer than the few minutes of your average roller coaster ride…depending on your constitution, it can last months to years longer.

"Anything is possible" is to the Smiley/Frowny faces as

"Everything is possible" is to the yin yang symbol.

Historical representation of my feeling toward the Smiley/Frowny thing...I was the good girl in high school who was best friends with the boys who wore the Smiley Face with a bloody bullet through the forehead t-shirts. So, yeah, you could guess I've always been more of a yin yang chick.

I think yin yang, despite (or maybe because of) its depth and intensity, is a more forgiving philosophy. It's a glass houses thing. It's a there but for the grace of god thing. It means that despite the polka dots and pearls on the outside, I'm tougher than you'd think and I'm guessing that underneath the black leather, punk rock exterior, you have a softer side…let's talk.

Smiley Face is plastic Pleasant Valley Sunday, Stepford kinds of bizarre. That mask that some people try to fasten on and use like reality is chilling. Did you know that in the real Wizard of Oz, people only thought the Emerald City was emerald because the Wizard made them lock green-tinted glasses on? Yikes.

"To believe that what is true in your private heart is true for all men, that is genius." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be everything.

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