Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So Much Stuff

Okay so; my head is spinning with like, 500 things going on right now. Most current, Barack Obama took Virginia in the Primary Elections today…that totally rocks. I voted for him this morning before work. Briefly sharing my rationale:

Why no to everyone else: As much as I like McCain's story, he's too pro-war; Hillary is objectionable because she is responsible for the whole HMO system that sucks, but I do miss Bill. Huckabee...I mean seriously..."President Huckabee"??? No.

Why yes to Obama: I watched Michelle Obama's UCLA speech on C-SPAN and I was hooked. Aside from having Caroline Kennedy, Oprah, Stevie Wonder and Maria Shriver in her corner, Michelle Obama was a great speaker and very admirable. I want her to be my First Lady, period

Other than that, ideas continue to grow and fly at work and it's really exciting to be a part of this process, plus my picture was in both the Sunday Beacon and this week's issue of Portfolio in The Eye section…I am totally stoked about that! Samaritan House benefited from the VOW Bride Show, so it's not like it's all about me or anything…but STILL.

The big event for Samaritan House is "Chow! Hampton Roads" (going for the "local food" angle with a local charity), and we're working with Patrick Evans-Hylton of Hampton Roads Magazine who is so. much. fun.

My children are less crazy and much less virally ill than they have been for the past couple of weeks (as am I), so that makes my life about 85% easier. I've even cooked enough well received food to have quality leftovers for the week...yay time management.

My friend Dana is starting a business and I am tasked with creating a tag line for the company. I've mostly come up with it…on the right track anyway. Minutes away from brilliance.

Apropos of nothing: I really want a sticker for my car that says, "Well behaved women rarely make history." I saw one a couple of months ago on someone else's car and it struck a chord.

So, other than being personally adrift, life is good. Sigh.

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