Saturday, October 4, 2008


Okay, so I'm getting used to a new computer. Typing on a laptop is not AS difficult as I thought it would be but it's a hell of a lot more tempermental than I would prefer. Damn track pad.

Anyway I don't even know if I have funny stuff to offer lately. It just seems kind of weird and not as ironic as I would have hoped for.

Most immediately, earlier today a gentleman choose to register to vote based on my length of skirt (or rather, relative lack of length). He's going Obama, so…whatever works. J

This afternoon, I was sorting through clothes to consign and found that I have at least 200 pieces of boys clothing (not including coats) to sell. Mind you, I did not purchase these (nor are they stolen) but hell if I'm not going to spin someone else's tendency to hoard stuff to my ultimate financial benefit. And this is only winter stuff! Come spring, I'll have a whole other cache to unload.

Otherwise, I got emailed a link to a collection of cafepress t-shirts which were assumedly pro-Palin. I don't know if this person thought these were funny or if she was trying to provoke me. Of course I didn't take the bait but my advice, regardless of the sender's politics, is that I don't recommend she wear a shirt that says, "This little piggy wears lipstick/likes Palin/votes Republican," or any other "this little piggy" statement for that matter until she drops a couple of pounds. Ouch (I know).

Lately I am hooked on news channels. I don't know what my opinion is about the whole economic crisis. Perhaps if I had seven houses or more than $100K invested in the stock market I would be freaking out right now. I don't have debt. I don't have credit cards. I hear people talking about this and it's like they're speaking Spanish. I know some of it, but not enough to carry on an in depth conversation; sometimes I wish I knew more…but I'm okay right now. Suffice it to say, "Que triste; lo siento."

I kind of wonder why someone doesn't invent a virus that would do what we all thought Y2K would do. Just wipe out all the credit and all the debt and level the playing field.

Oh…yeah, too many firearms in play. Nevermind.

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