Monday, October 6, 2008

And on the seventh day...Skate Ramp!

I have a half-pipe in my backyard now. It measures 8 feet wide, 5 feet high and other dimensions as well. I found out it was coming on Friday. By the end of Sunday, I had neighbors in the backyard checking it out, taking pictures and even skating on it. That was only weird because sometimes I feel lucky if these people even speak to me at the bus stop in the mornings. Lucky is a relative term I suppose. Believe me, I've been around this town long enough to have been snubbed by better than them.

Perhaps I'm still in shock. I mean, as this was happening I just stood there watching and could not fucking believe it. I feel overwhelmed. I had to leave a couple of times during the day. It was still there when I got back. I still couldn't believe it.

Granted, it's cool, I like it. I've wanted the boys to have something like this for a while. The fact that my X is responsible for the construction of this project is just a smidge bizarre. It's like he picked the most superfluous unnecessary thing and made it the most immediate priority. He always does that though. (Fiction is so much more fun than reality)

I however am looking at the reality of this for the next few years and feel a general sense of, "Huh?" and "How much trouble am I going to get in because of this?"

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