Friday, February 13, 2009

Practice Makes Progress

I saw a kid’s show on the Disney Channel about a bunch of sell-outs who pander to the children’s movement last Sunday morning. They sang a song called “Practice Makes Progress.” Dear lord, I almost threw up.

This may officially be the end of the world as we know it. Practice makes progress? Practice IS progress you fucking moron. Perfect is the goal, remember? While I realize there is no such thing as “perfect” (and even not any such thing as normal), I still know that you have to have a goal for cryin’ out loud. Seriously, if the highest bar you can aim for is “trying”…please go someplace else immediately.

Okay, so what else is there? The weather has been sickly gorgeous this week, ahhh February in Virginia. I loved that I rode a bike in flip-flops today and I hate that I had to close the windows tonight because the temperature started to dip back toward winter. I mean! Under 70 degrees? Brrr!

In other news, I went up to Georgetown for a sorority reunion last weekend which was an absolute blast. Did not realize how much I had missed some of those girls until I saw them again in person. I know “sorority thing”… sounds fake and there’s the whole “buy your friends” spin, but these are not those type of girls. Not the ones I was close with anyway. And later there were boys there too. A couple of whom I may want to continue talking with….we’ll see (still sport fishing).

I do feel a little like I’m bouncing all over the place. I called for an appointment with my favorite psychic a few weeks ago, but she hasn’t called me back to firm it up yet. Part of me knows she’s super-busy and is okay with that. The other part of me wonders if I’m being snubbed. This may sound silly, but think of this…why would you be snubbed by a psychic?

Is your prognosis too tragic? They don’t want to give you a reading because they don’t like to deliver bad news? I swear, I am a glass is half-full person, but in these Parts War moments…yeesh!

In other other news, I ran into three com-puh-letely random people I know in Big Lots on Tuesday. The world is getting smaller by the minute.

Resolutions kept: Don’t avoid someone you used to know just because it’s been so long.

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