Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dry Leaves

If my life were a reality show then today would have been left on the cutting room floor.

Nothing happened.  Oh sure, minor curveball when I had to fill in at the last minute for the afternoon receptionist but...meh.  Insignificant in the grand scheme. 

Nameless friend #2 noticed the lack of action in her day also.  Our senses have become so heightened that silence seems portentous.  We had this weird chatter today, "Anything yet?"  "Nope, nothing here.  You?"  "Nope."  We both thought....it's just tooo quiet, that can't be good. 

We wondered what the "normal" people chatter about throughout the day.  Shoes?  Bunco?  We never talk about those things. We play Dr. G Medical Examiner, Psych Edition with each others lives.  We talk of underlying motivations and deep dark secrets.  We sacrifice our egos on the altar of honesty and let the microscopic dissection commence.  Never out of bounds.  Sometimes brutal.  Always insightful and darkly hilarious.

But nothing happened.  Our jangled nerves will be just as jangled tomorrow with anticipation of what's next

"As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly."

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