Friday, February 19, 2010


Oh shit, I gotta post something today.

I just finished (finally) putting all of my second generation myspace blog stuff on here from two years ago. Looking back, I went through a definite change during the Spring of 2008. Before that, life was normal. Six months after my Mom died...wham! At that time I seem to have intellectually said, "Fuck all y'all!" and started really getting down to business. So, you know, I included some of the stuff I wrote before that happened just for contrast.

Anyway, after I finish writing this post, I am going to go delete my myspace account. Because myspace is stupid. I am going to see if I can graduate to BlogHer instead. I registered there but I haven't had the patience to figure that site out yet. I am probably not going to figure it out tonight either. I'll get there. I have my however many more days of blogging every day to get there. This is pretty fun actually. I do not exist very three dimensionally right now though. I am completely tangled up in thinking about creative shit.

(Sorry 20 year high school reunion...I promise I still love you and will schedule a committee meeting next week. And delegate the stalking of the class list. I am mortified I haven't done that yet.)

Oh, and I finished Black Hockey Jesus's archives today. Because you were dying to know about that, right? Anyway, I did. I think the best thing I like about this experience is that he's still writing. Blogging is like the Neverending Gobstopper of books. See, with serial books I eat them up and then have to wait for the guy to write the next one. (Author digresses: Seriously George R.R. Martin, quit dicking me around. I want the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series NOW! It's been how many years...? Don't go on another pizza tour of the US saw what happened to Robert Jordan damnit. Yeah, I am totally looking forward to your HBO series, but jesus christ, finish the next book!) And I am picking up on other blogs like MetroDad. Just read one of his posts so far but...mother of fuck...this guy is good too.

I hate that I can only read one thing at a time sometimes because I really need to catch up on what's happening with Undomestic Diva. She's the one who tipped me off to some of these guys in the first place after I found her post talking about Beanie Babies exactly when I needed to read it. It's amazing what draws you to a place. [shakes head] Children's toys in a car window. And now my literary self finds what feels like a spiritual re-awakening. How insanely fucking cool is THAT? I mean, it feels pretty fucking cool over here.

Non-sequitur X update: Didn't go to the hospital last night. His fever went away. This baffles me.

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