Monday, February 8, 2010

Running the Rapids

"You can't send a postcard while you're running the rapids."

That is one of my mother's lines. I kind of hate to keep bringing her up at this point but she's still in my head. And she said a lot of stuff that's worth hanging onto.

The thing is you CAN'T send a postcard while you're running the rapids. Literally. And you shouldn't figuratively either. At least I shouldn't. Because I never know how it will end. Sometimes the end defines the process, doesn't it? Or maybe it's not the end? Yes...that was one amazing eddy. And then there was the next one. And then another after that. You just don't know in the middle how it's going to go or what it will mean to you after. So, no postcards.

Anyway, this is why I don't blog regularly. I am always in the middle of something.

That is all. for now

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