Monday, February 1, 2010

I have to do it. I have to. No one else is going to do it but me. And I want to. So why haven't I done it yet?!

It's dividing up the class list. It's delegating the stalking down of former classmates. Damnit, I have plenty of people who've offered to help stalk. They WANT to do it. They just want direction. And they want me to give it to them. Now is the part where I want someone else to step in and say, "Hey, I'm great at this! Let me do this part; why don't you go make a logo or something?" Not gonna happen. Fuck. Gotta delegate the class list this week. I said so on facebook. It's already Tuesday. Fuck!

In other news, a friend of mine came over a couple weeks ago and dropped off some clothes for me. Super cute stuff that mostly fits. I have worn a lot of it and I feel fantastic. Something about it makes me feel like a different a good way. It's a good vibe; confident, conquering, sassy, cute. Seriously good stuff. Some of it though...some of it is one size smaller than I have ever worn. ever. But it's just ONE size. I should totally be able to make that happen. I am 5'3" and I don't know or particularly care how much I weigh anymore (I threw out my scale after I reached my Weight Watchers goal weight). I now judge by how my clothes fit. I'm a size 4.

Anyway, she brought over a bunch of 4s and lots of 2s. TWOs. For god's sake. The only size 2 I ever wore was a dress on a date in 1996. I am pretty sure I skipped a week's worth of lunch for that one. Oh, also there were some Abercrombie jeans in the mix of clothes she gave me and I am currently certain those people are sadists. Two, four, one over the age of puberty is going to fit into those damn things without acquiring an impressive eating disorder. You bastards.

Philosophically, I'm thinking this is kind of a crossroads. Used to be (high school me anyway) was positive I was a size 8 (probably not though, I had a thing for baggy clothes apparently). Also, high school me was positive I was not a leader. I tried, ran for every school-wide election and never won that confirmed I wasn't a leader, right? Now, I'm a size 4 in upper management (loosely speaking, figuratively, socially and other adverbs as well). I expect to promote myself to a size 2 and total world domination by the end of February. End of March at the latest.

There are free-weights and potential minions involved. Do NOT fuck with me; I will crush you.

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