Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Was a Middle School Mascot

I just leaned my head back on the sofa and saw cobwebs on the ceiling.  Again.  I swear I just dusted...a month ago?  Is that how long it takes cobwebs to form?  So not fair.  I'm not a diligent duster.  I have mentioned this before.  How could I possibly dust when there's so much else going on?!  I did manage to fold laundry today.  So my laundry room now has a navigable floor!  Until tomorrow when I wash and dry all the rest of the clothes and just leave them in a giant "clean pile" to be picked through for a week.  Thank god I have boys.  I could not deal with the general frouffery girls bring to the picture.

Audrey update: Light Junior Counselor work today.  Nothing too, too major.  She needs a minute to get her bearings.  I mean, your relationship gets hurled into oncoming traffic and knocked around the freeway at breakneck speed for a while?  You deserve some good emotional coma-time to recover.  Lots of processing to be done.  I have confidence in her ability to stand on her own two feet again soon (soon, Audrey).  She's like Sandy Bullock in that way.  We ALL know that woman isn't going to miss a beat.  Jesse James is a douche.

X update: He's coming back to town earlier than I thought.  And asked if the Things could spend the night this weekend.  ???  I'm telling you, there's something they're not telling me.  Responsible behavior is not his soup du jour.  I'm not arguing.  I am loving this. 

Whatever the reason, if I get a night off...WIN.  Especially since I already had plans and thought I was going to have to break them due to lack of childcare.  It's a Junior High School Reunion.  I know!  What is up with me and reunions?!  I figure I gotta be like an ambassador for mine plus... I  LOVE this stuff.  And I was the school mascot.  Yep.  I wore a giant rug of a bird suit at every football game, basketball game and wrestling match in 9th grade and hammed it up with the cheerleaders.  Know why?  Because I am uncoordinated as hell and couldn't make it on the cheerleading squad and I was just weird enough to think dressing up as school mascot was a fun, cool thing to do.  Oh, enough with the eyerolling.  I like attention.  duh

What else...[stares at ceiling]...oh yeah.  Dusting.  ugh. 

Tomorrow is another day.  I love Scarlett O'Hara.  (Book version.  Never saw the movie.)

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