Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Plastics Make It Possible

I read this article a few years ago in Vogue about chemicals and other everyday things being responsible for so much of the infertility and other health garbage we are dealing with these days.  Jan Brady recommended it to me at the time; she's a Vogue reader.  I don't normally get Vogue; I subscribe to Elle and Esquire instead.  Anyway, my magazine proclivities are not the point, the point is I read the article and it got me thinking about plastic.  I wonder if the downward trend in our health is related just as much to everything being packaged in plastic as it is to everything being stuffed chock-a-block full of chemicals and high fructose goddamn corn syrup. 

Since I read the article (yeah, I linked it twice) I have had grand fantasies of sweeping all the plastic from my home.  Then I realize I would have to get rid of the TV, every game system we have, the computer, sports equipment...basically every third thing in my house.  So I pare the fantasy down to the kitchen.  Could I get rid of all the plastic in the kitchen?  I bet cutting plastics out of our food consumption would make some kind of a difference.  The Things and I don't tend toward sick in the first place so it's not like I'm looking to cure asthma or allergies (we don't got any of that here thankgoodness) but I bet it might make a difference in our health in the long run.  I would have to keep appliances of course but I could ditch the cups, storage containers and non-stick pans...Ziplock bags even?!  Swap them out for glass?  I bet you a dollar I could do it.  I mean, I threw out my microwave years ago and haven't missed it yet...I can so do this.  When I do, I'll take a picture just to prove it.  Look for that (but don't hold your breath just yet).

See, it's not like I have anything official against plastics yet.  I haven't done enough research for that.  I still remember their ad campaign from the way early 90s: Plastics make it possible.  Fucking brilliant.  That along with the spinning of the Exxon Valdez crisis made me major in public relations.  I would have loved to do damage control before I grew up.  I expect to eventually villainize plastics the same way I do mandatory vaccinations and Splenda now.  I'm on board with Vitamin D though; we all need more of that.  Make D3 your friend.  That is all of my thought provoking for tonight.

X update.  He went to the dentist today for possibly 3 root canals?  He called this afternoon as my house was being descended upon by a very loud gaggle of neighborhood boys and I couldn't hear exactly everything he was saying on the phone.  So, after more than a year of "Good lord!  What happened to your mouth?!" X is finally getting his teeth fixed.  I think of this activity as painting the deck chairs on the Titanic.  He has something like five more appointments to go before he's done.  None of them to last less than three hours.  What do you, I mean, at least....aw fuck it.  I don't know what to say here.  Okay dude.  If it makes you feel like you're making an effort...go for it I guess.

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