Monday, March 1, 2010


I was out on my several-miles-a-day walk today and about a quarter mile in front of me was a bald man dressed all in black with a funny walk.  All I could think was that he looked like a modern day Uncle Fester doing a Charlie Chaplin drunk impression.  I half expected him to fall into traffic with the side-tipping goose step.

I got sucked into the Bachelor Season Finale tonight.  Haven't watched this show all season but the girls from Mamapop were doing an open thread about it.  I had to play along.  I can't speak to a whole lot about this show other than it proved to be exactly the reality show I can't watch anymore.  I cannot identify with those chicks...the bachelorette chicks I mean, the MamaPop commentators were fabulous.  Seriously, if you haven't checked this site out, you should.


X news.  He still won't tell me when the transplant consult is.  Claims it hasn't been set up yet.  meh.  I haven't shed a tear over this part yet.  I guess I'm waiting to see if he's accepted or denied for a new liver.  He should be denied based on the fact that he's still drinking.  One would expect the transplant people have their bullshit meters calibrated hourly regarding "likely" candidates, especially when an organ like the liver is at stake.  

Really though, whatever the outcome is he won't stop doing exactly what he's done so far.  If they YES him for the transplant then he'll think, "Cool.  I can keep doing what I've been doing.  See Silver?!  My drinking is no big deal! "  If they NO him then he can say, "It's only a matter of time now.  I may as well have fun on my way out."  And between karaoke songs he'll sob into his tall vodka/waters about how much he's going to miss his children and how life royally fucked him over at the golf course his parents bought him three years ago.  Mama said at that time, "Silver, we had to find somethin' for him to do.  You know he's useless but about four hours a week.  Plus, there ain't nothin' for him to do down there.  He cain't get into trouble." 

Until *poof* he became the worm at the bottom of the bottle.  Good call everyone.

Anyway, maybe I'm still in shock about this or otherwise emotionally detached.  I haven't cried in weeks over it.  Still watching it unfold.  Holy. moly. crap.


diane said...

You're right. Holy moly crap. I found your blog through your comment at Metro Dad - wanted to find out who BHJ is. I'm hoping the best for Thing 1, Thing 2 and yourself.

Silver said...

Wow Diane, thank you. Look for He's pretty freakin' existential and groovy.