Sunday, February 28, 2010

TV and Other Weirdness

The Big Love tether ball showdown...what the hell?  Tether ball?  That was hysterically awkward.  And Nicki discovering her inner sluttiness, and Barb is on sedatives, and Teensy had a birthday party?  I thought Mormons didn't celebrate birthdays...oh wait, maybe that's Jehova's Witnesses?  I get these fringe religions confused.  And what is up with Wanda and the not talking?!  Anyway, they really set this Season Finale up to be a cliffhanger.  Cannot wait for next Sunday.

Desperate Housewives and Bree's new assistant.  What a creepshow!  He's going to try to kill Andrew at some point, isn't he?!  Using that World's Greatest Son coffee mug with All About Eve undertones...[shudder!] 

Brothers & Sisters...definitely a week setting things up for the next show.  Narrow Lake, Nora's involvement with York...I bet they had some kind of affair.  Just waiting for that bombshell.  Luc has four weeks left in the country; I see another Season Finale wedding coming up.

Haven't caught up on Amazing Race yet but if Jeff and Jordan got booted, do NOT tell me.  I won't even watch the show if they aren't on it.

X update.  Mama dropped the boys off today from their spendover and went to my Dad's for a chat after.  The scoop from him is that she doesn't understand most of what the doctors are saying.  Words like "cirrhosis" and "irreversable" and "liver transplant"...totally outside of her realm of comprehension.  Because, come on, they're bulletproof.  Ginormous uncle has nearly died from heart problems soooo many times, Mama herself just beat lung cancer like a drum last summer so this should be no different, right? 

Except it IS.  But me telling them isn't going to do any good.  Just like when nameless best friend #1 saw the writing on the wall months before the last two times her husband got fired.  She couldn't do a damn thing about it either.  She tried to tell him but ultimately they were his jobs, his responsibilities.  Yes, she was directly impacted by them but they were his fixes to make...and he didn't make them.  And he got fired.  And she bore the brunt with packing and moving and keeping the kids sane.  And that's just the way it is going to be here too.  Except, y'know, instead of a severance package at the end there's going to be a funeral.

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