Saturday, April 3, 2010


Of course.  The day after I decide to extend the blogaliciousness I get totally uninspired. 

Paint.  blah.  Can't I just crawl back into bed for a while?

The answer btw is "yes" and "often."  I swear I found myself under the covers four times today for no reason whatsoever besides hiding.  Kids were back home and playing outside.  As painting progressed, I hit several stopping points in cutting in the ceiling and baseboards and thought fuck it, I'm lying down for a while.  I can't call Audrey or NBF1 on the weekends because they're all tied up with Happy Family Fun Time and can't speak freely on the phone.  not my favorite thing in the world.  Anyway.  blah.

I'm looking up flights out of Pleasant Valley.  I really do not care where I go as long as I can get there with no stops, there's a beach, and I have not memorized the town already.  Costing less than $1068 for a one day round trip would be nice, Galveston.  Really, I would ride cargo to the Keys with only a beach towel if I could.  I'm not picky.  But it's Spring Break season so everything is jacked up to an outerspace price level no matter where I would choose. 

Can you just show up at the airport, slap a Franklin on the counter and say, "Get me anywhere tropical in three hours or less."  'Cuz if you can do that...I am IN.

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