Friday, April 2, 2010

Playing Along

You know what's weird?  When your mother-out-law drops by and you mention you're painting another room and she says, "Oh no.  What catastrophic thing are you dealing with now?"  ACK!  Mama don't say words like catastrophic.  I say words like catastrophic.  In this blog.  Three days ago.  Directly relating to paint.  Does Mama read this?!  No.  Surely not.  Suuuuurrrrely not.  No. 

She left. I couldn't ask her outright if she reads the blog because if she doesn't then she might look for it and kill me immediately.  And if she does then she hasn't said anything about it and I am still getting construction and guilt money...don't rock the boat, stupid.  paintpaintpaint

AHA!  I told her about my painting thing last month!  Probably using the word catastrophic.  For whatever reason, that stuck in her head.  But that's still strange because, I swear, the woman's favorite wine is Gewurztraminer yet for the last 13 years she has butchered that word in more ways than I can recall (guhvertsenschlager? geh-whatta-shitIdon'tknowyouknowwhatImean. Get me summa that).  And now she's got catastrophic memorized as it relates to my decorating neuroses?  Understandably frightening.

Anyway, aside from the panic-inducing, Mama offered some good information.  The entire outlaw contingent including Things 1 & 2 are leaving for Carolina on Monday instead of Thursday like I was told.  Mmm-kaaay.  So now I get a whole calendar week off Mom Duty.  Too bad my talking-to friend decided to drop me like a hot rock AGAIN.  And, I'd like to mention, for the last time thankyouverymuch.  He doesn't know this yet because I'm not the type of person to text you to tell you I'm never returning one of your stupid texts again because I got out of junior high 23 goddamn years ago and I am way too cute to put up with this nonsense.  Ridiculous.  paintpaintpaint.

Oh...what was I talking about?  Mama.  Right.  Grown up stuff.

X update:  His new GP, who I haven't met yet but keep pretty much loving all day long, has really taken the reigns!  I am so proud of this guy.  He's having X's records transferred from the original innards doc to a new innards doc around the corner (instead of the next town over) who has hospital privileges to the hospital down the street (instead of the whole other next town over).  And X had some mole removed from his stomach.  That was the mystery-specialist activity I couldn't remember from before.  No big deal in the grand scheme I guess.  Although, I don't know why he would suddenly develop a mole on his stomach in the first place as his stomach hasn't seen the light of day in decades.  With good cause.  He's sorta...furry.  [shudder]

Anyway, there's going to be some more trips to the dentist because one of his temporary crowns fell out already.  (ewww)  Something about gluing the temp crowns in before the Carolina trip?  Like, tonight?  Not sure.  And then going BACK for permanent ones after the trip.  Googly moogly, what an ordeal.  I didn't even ask about the girlfriend possibility.  When Mama hands me cash, my probing questions go from the back burner all the way to the fridge.  Plus, I really don't care; I'm just curious is all.

What else?  OH!  Nameless Best Friend #1 is having breakthroughs all over the place!  She says I give her too much credit.  (No, I do not NBF1.  You do not give yourself enough credit).  But she's right in the middle of it, so I can see how she wouldn't necessarily think ignoring the stupid, panicky advice from her mother, aunt and mother-in-law and going ahead with her original, perfectly rational plan despite their objections is a big thing.  BUT IT IS!  It so totally is.  Dude, this is pattern-breaking stuff here.  I am so excited!  There was the snake tool thing last week and now this...I fucking love what good therapy can do.

And now I have a night to myself because the Things are spending more quality time with X at LaserQuest.  (tellin' ya...there's somethin')  And what was the first thing I did?  I wrote.  Because I have been thinking of what I would say to you all day.  I love you that much.  I do.  And because I read what Black Hockey Jesus had to say about doing stuff.  I am thinking of extending my anti-lent blogtaculocity for the solid 90 Blogs in 90 Days plan.  I skipped a couple days before I have to start over from then?  Can I count the day of two posts in the 90/90 thing? 

I don't know the rules but I want to play along.

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