Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ix-nay on the Eiling-Cay

[Fade up.  Our heroine.  Hair blowing in a slight breeze, fists firmly on hips, feet planted on the ground in a triumphant stance.  Smile *ting!* ]


[Fade out]

So, yeah.  I painted today.  I painted the ceiling and did some cut-in work.  Can I just take a moment to tell you how much I HATE painting ceilings?  Because I do.  Hate that.  A lot.  "A lot" doesn't effectively capture the depth of my hatred for ceiling work.  As a matter of fact, "with the heat of a thousand white-hot suns" kept running through my head as I worked that awkward, long-handled roller unevenly over one third of the room.  Getting the bottom of the roller stuck on my nightstand.  stuck!  are you fucking kidding?  AND on the dresser.  Wha?!  So then I took the long-handley part off and climbed on my plastic-draped bed to do the ceiling over that part.  (Author Note: Do not try this at home)  In bare feet, I nearly killed myself at least 9 times stumbling stupidly while looking up (and often simultaneously backwards) at my ceiling.  BAD IDEA.

I finished the last third of the room with a fierce snarl that would send men twice my size to the folds of their mothers' aprons in fear.  It didn't take that long thankgod but (Bruce Banner-style warning) you wouldn't like me when I'm painting ceilings.   

The rest of the day was fine, if you consider Thing 1 knocking Thing 2's tooth out with an elbow thrown during basketball fine.  Which, really, it is.  The tooth has been loose for like a month now.  I can't believe he hasn't yanked it out himself yet.  Unfortunately the other top tooth has now moved to the middle for an Andy Rooney effect.  yeck.  And then another kid got racked with a capital R during Hide and Seek Tag.  I handed over an ice pack.  No sweetie, just give him the ice pack.  I don't need to examine the damage.  His mother can handle that.  (but, gahd!  sorry, kid)

And there were steaks and bedtime and teevee.  Thursdays are big.  Grey's, Mentalist, RHNYC, Project Runway.  Tired.  The Things are getting haircuts tomorrow in prep for their Spring Break trip down to Carolina with X and the outlaws.  There's a big tournament at the golf course down there next weekend.  Must have appropriate haircuts for that.  Normally I would care, but for right  The weather is warming up and they need to shed their winter coats.  And I don't have to look like the bad guy for that. 

And that is all for now.  I am sleepy.  Oh, and if you watch RHNYC...totally Team Frankel.


diane said...

Congratulations on painting the ceiling - quite the accomplishment! I've been meaning for the past couple of months to sort through the GINORMOUS stack of mail and find all the tax stuff. But, there is always weeds to pull or an episode of what not to wear I haven't seen playing or guilt at not being actively engaged with my kid. Tomorrow. Really.

Silver said...

Did you find your tax stuff yet? If so, KUDOS! I personally find Zen-like peace in getting "responsible" stuff done like weeding and spending time with kids while procrastinating dumb, necessary stuff like taxes. Ohm. :)

diane said...

Yes! I spent about 6 hours yesterday organizing my life from about June 2009 to present. Filed stuff, shredded stuff, and found all the tax stuff. Made me tired and cranky yesterday, but this morning I felt virtuous and liked the way my dining room looked without a huge box of paper/mail/stuff. If it were New Year's I would be making a resolution about not letting it get out of control again. Too bad I don't believe in resolutions.

Silver said...

Diane, you just made me smile. Thank you and GOOD WORK! Yay you. :)