Friday, April 16, 2010


Reunion meeting tonight.  Trying to come down from that now.  Not sure if I can.

God, it's so cool and weird to see people after so long.  I mean, I could pretty much have hilarious, wonderful and similarly bizarre conversations with stangers on an airplane for the same amount of hours of time as I did tonight but how often do you see people high five because they shared a first kiss and haven't seen each other for 20 years?  And then we talk about how Rence was such a shit, but everyone kind of loved him anyway even as he was giving us all horrible nicknames and then there was that one time you threw him up against the playground fence in third grade and that was about the coolest thing ever?  And...and...?  And we laughed ourselves silly.  We didn't talk much about party planning stuff, it was just a mini-reunion and that was just perfect.

I feel almost bad not delegating more stuff to my minions this evening but I know how I want this party to look and I am a leeettle bit of a control person.  You aren't surprised by that are you?  But really, besides ordering Save The Date cards, there's not much to do right now.  We already got the location, menu and ticket price set up.  The contact list is delegated, the website is up and running with tickets available for purchase via PayPal, we got the DJ all taken care of.  We need a photographer, we need our logo crafted for invites, t-shirts and souvenirs.  We have to figure out some kind of decorations probably because even though a deck at the marina at sunset will be a beautiful setting on its own, people are going to want pomp of some sort.  I don't give a flying squirrel about pomp but it is Twenty Years.  That probably deserves a balloon or a banner or something.   But the party is exactly six months away, we have a teensy bit of time to figure this stuff out I think.

Mostly, I want the reunion to look exactly like it did tonight but with about 20 times more people.  Casual and comfortable with everyone's guard down.  The more the merrier, the goofier the better.  Speak freely, you are among friends.  Check your bullshit at the door.  Who notices balloons and banners when you are enrapt in a discussion?  I sure as hell don't, but decorations will probably make the pictures look better in the long run.  Details.  I am not that great at those.  I'm more of a Big Picture chick on the usual.

Anyway, it was a great night and being around actual real-live people always gives me an adrenaline rush. 

And now this boy is texting I'm going to up and meet somebody out at 12:30 at night.  Dude, it's cute how new you are.  Not cute enough to get me back out the door when I just changed into pj's and a ponytail, but cute nonetheless.  Keep trying.

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