Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wecome To My World

You have Tami and Grace to thank for this one because I am not at home or anywhere near my normal thought process, but I told them about the 90/90 plan and they insisted I write tonight on principle.  These are my sorority sisters, my girls, my friends no matter what.  These are the people who know who you are and love you anyway. 

They know who I am and love me anyway.

We had a beautiful day.  Margaritas on the beach, chilly as it was, laughing and reminiscing about old friends.  Sometimes picking them apart but with the best intentions.  We scrapped plans at more than one restaurant for something closer and ultimately more fun.  We ended up playing cornhole for the first time, at least Tami and I did it for the first time, we think Grace is a pro.  But for me, it was a first and what is better than doing something new with old friends?  Right now, I can't think of a single thing. 

We flirted with boys who swore up one side and down the other there was no age difference between us even though they were 28 and we're all 10 years past that.  Maybe they were being polite, but they certainly seemed earnest in their intent.  There were plenty other willing actual 28 year old girls on site they could have gone after.  And they spent time flirting back with us despite that.  Flattering.

Anyway, I am back here now.  Not in my home or bed or anywhere near my usual blog spot.  And I said to my girls, "I'm going to miss a day!"  And they said, "Why?!  There's a computer right there!  Type!"

And here we are.  Welcome to my world, my friends. 

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