Friday, April 9, 2010

And So to Bed, Apples

Alright, I was really banking on some good hallucinations or epiphanies with this whole Apple Fast business.  Nothing doing.  I feel pretty clear-headed actually.  Yesterday's discombobulation aside, this process has been fairly easy.  Probably because I have been mostly keeping to myself for the last three days.  I almost broke the fast to go out to lunch with a friend today.  I set up the plans before starting the process and thought I could get away with just having a salad or something similarly raw.  She couldn't make it.  Cheating averted.  Divine forces are at work here, keeping me on track.

Sparing you a million disjointed details, overall dream symbolism indicates pattern-changing and eliminating wasteful things.  Excellent.  We can work with this.  I never lost my temper.  Well, except briefly today when some woman cut me off in a parking lot and whipped into a space I wasn't even trying for.  Jesus, lady!  Settle down!  I'm just trying to get out of this place.  I'm leaving out all the expletives impugning her moral character...there were a lot.

So anyway, I drank my olive oil like a good girl.  And so to bed goes AppleFest Oh Ten.

But wait there's more!  It couldn't all just be about that could it?  Nah.  I mentioned I was supposed to have lunch with a friend today.  We caught up at that junior high reunion a couple of weeks ago.  She's in real estate and said I should be too! and lets have lunch!  Mmm-kay.  I was going to get into real estate a few years ago, but it was right after I left my timeshare job.  Very leary about jumping from one commission-based business to another just as the market was starting a downturn.  But things are a little different now and I know this girl and her family and the company has a good history, eh, what's the harm?  It's like how I try sushi every once in a while to make sure I still don't like it.  But, like I said, she couldn't make it so I got the Why You Should Go Into Real Estate pitch from her brother for half an hour instead.  I would have preferred peppering that pitch with small talk and a salad, but you get what you get I suppose.

So, why should I go into real estate sales?  According to the brother the class isn't that hard and they don't talk about selling so much as technical stuff that is mostly computerized now anyway.  Cake walk.  No big deal.  A monkey could do it.  The most important part of the job is being outgoing, motivated, not afraid to talk to anyone, able to build relationships with all kinds of people, etc.  He said, "And you're so, well, you know...that's you."  Aww, thanks man.  All these years of not being a snotty, stuck-up bitch may just pay off after all.  [blush]

The timing isn't great right this second though.  I got the gig in Dad's office and he's still kinda shaky, the Things will be on Summer Break in a couple months and X is all busy being next to dead and whatnot, not to mention planning the reunion in October.  Yeesh.  That's a lot to deal with already; I can't in any sane capacity take on a brand new career RIGHT NOW.  But, things aren't always going to be this hectic.  Dad will get his head back on straight, the Things will get older and better able to be on their own, X will...y'know, kick off eventually and things are gonna change in 25 thousand different ways once that goes down.  I need to be prepared.  This may be a bit of portentous serendipity.  I could easily see something happening in the next year.

In closing, tomorrow I get hang out at a beach house with sorority sisters, margaritas and dinner reservations at a place I love.  I plan to order everything non-apple related off the menu.  Except the sushi.  I'll have the tataki instead.

If I listen closely, I can hear the grass whispering you goodnight.


diane said...

Congratulations on finishing the apple fast. Besides lack of hallucinations and grumpiness, any other benefits gained? Magic loss of 20 lbs?

Silver said...

I don't have a scale so I don't know if it's 20 lbs, but I note a significant flattening of stomach. And scavenging through my wardrobe for tonight's outfit, EVERYthing fits like it's supposed to. Of course, I could have one cracker and shoot that all to hell. fingers crossed for NOT that outcome.