Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 2

Painting is done!  And my room is a complete disaster area with furniture all over the place.  Telekinesis would be a killer superpower to have right about now.  I don't think that's one of the side effects of AppleFest Oh Ten though.  Ah, tomorrow.

I haven't started talking to the grass yet either, which is more than a little bit disappointing.  And I didn't turn into Godzilla either, which I really thought would happen and why I totally sequestered myself all day.  Maybe if I hadn't been sequestered I would have wreaked some hellatious havoc on a coastal city in Japan.  That would have been fun.  But maybe this is all a little delayed since I cheated with coffee yesterday morning.  I'm new here and I don't exactly know how this is all supposed to go down.

There was quite a lot of napping.  I slept in WAY late, like past 11 am late.  Then painted.  Then emailed and swept a sick amount of pollen off the living room floor.  Then "meditated" but I don't have the hang of meditation so lets just call it what it really was: Napping Intermittently on the Sofa for Several Hours.  There were lots of dreams during that event but I'm not going to get into those with you because reading someone else's disjointed dreams is about the dumbest thing ever.  Unless you are very into dream interpretation (which I am).  However, I wrote about a couple of dreams I had a few years ago and they read far too all over the place.  Not going to repeat that.  Anyway, there was major symbolism and junk like that and I pretty much get what the dreams were saying and it's way cool.  No animal spirit guides...yet.  But there's always sleeping tonight that will get me there.

I really don't feel like anything has happened this week but Audrey says I am discombobulated from the apples.  Finishing painting alone should feel like an accomplishment, but...meh?  Audrey is right.  Discombobulated. 

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