Monday, May 24, 2010


I was thinking about a ton of other things today that now get filed under "some other time" because all I can think about is BLOGAPALOOZA!

Holy! crap you guys!  As anyone who has been reading for a while knows, I really want to attend this conference in August.  It's BlogHer '10 in New York City.  It's been sold out for months.  And I am totally getting my ticket on Wednesday!  Killer!

Why did I not think to check and see if there was a Ticket Swap page at  I haven't breathed smart people air correctly for a while apparently.  Also, why didn't you tell me such a place existed?!  I can only imagine you assumed I was breathing the smart people air all along and would have figured that out by now.  So, thanks and all, sweet of you indeed.  And I totally forgive you for that because man, I am so excited!  I literally almost passed out when that email came through that Wendi hadn't sold her ticket yet.

NBF1 can confirm my state of shock when that happened because I could hardly speak on the phone.  And that happens far less often than people would probably wish for but whatever!  Blogapalooza, y'all!

Do I know how this works, or how I'm getting there, or where I'm staying, or where that $400 is yet?!  Hell no!  Do I care?!  Quite a bit actually!  But I am putting faith in Serendipitous Timing and Jedi Mind Tricks and stuff.  Everything is possible and that just thrills me right now.

This is the first time in my writing life I have wanted to really connect with other writers.  The first time I have felt confident in even using that word to describe myself.  So far, I have just riffed with words trying to make sense of the world is want to be a part of the bigger world.  I think.  I'm not sure.  But I would at least like to know if I do or not for certain.

I have to get a plan in place.  Because even though I'm okay being a "wing it" person, I feel much more comfortable with a map.  So, if you have been to BlogHer before and have any insider tips, please share?  Thank you so, so very much.

Also, I told the Things about the conference tonight during our bedtime "talk about random stuff on our minds" routine.  Thing 1 is writing some Harry Potter knock-off which I find baffling because he's never read the books.  He's a Diary of a Wimpy Kid guy all the way.  Anyway, he said, "How many chapters have you written?  I'm on 15."  I replied, "Almost 200?"  And the jaw dropping stare from Thing 1 and Thing 2 was delightful.  Hamsters were running on wheels trying to figure out how many pages that was.  It was cute.

And Thing 2 snuggled next to me and he twirled my hair as we all talked about writing and Statue of Liberty trivia.  And we were all very excited for what comes next.  Blogapalooza, y'all.  wow.

EDIT: Wendi Writes About Food and she is a very a friendly and nice person with whom to exchange emails.  I am very thankful for people like Wendi and hope she enjoys the conference she's going to instead of blogapalooza.  Bon Appetit, Hon! 


jodifur said...

So, are you going?

Silver said...

Heck yeah I'm going! I spent all Wednesday afternoon giving myself a headache looking for transportation and accomodations. And stupid paypal makes that not possible to take care of quite yet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you were actually speechless. It was truly a wonderfully quiet moment I am glad we could share. Seeing you at a loss for words...priceless! NBF#1