Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pig Pickin' and Pics

I spent all afternoon at a Pig Pickin' and all I can think about is going through the 131 pictures I took and separating the wheat from the chaffe.  And I feel kinda bad because my friend's sketch comedy troup is performing like 15 minutes away and I didn't have the energy to get there for the 10 pm show.  Dammit.  Sorry, guys.

So, this Pig Pickin' is an annual thing my family and I have attended on and off for 20 years.  The host and hostess used to be neighbors decades ago when the party started.  Then they moved out to the country to this teeny tiny little house on many, many acres of land that also happens to be on a riverpoint.  Over the many, many years of their being there, the house and land have evolved into about the most charming place ever.  They've got all kinds of John Deere stuff everywhere (memorabilia AND tractors), pig statues, flowers, Americana and just STUFF.  It's not schmancy or anything, just sublimely outstanding. 

Anyway, I took a lot of landscapey/hidden treasure photos of the property last year and wanted to do that again today.  There's always something I never saw before.  As we were leaving, the host of the party - Master Pig himself - asked if I would put together a slideshow for next year's party.  I could not be more honored.  This is just a little of what I got this afternoon.

Tractor Shuttle
Walking Tree
Wagon Wheel
Algae Kingdom
Bunny Steps
Monster Tree
Easter Island Stump
The Turn
Porch Chatting
Charmin Girl

Crowd on the Hill

Mom's Table

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